Order Status Screen

  These are a series of wireframes that I’ve created for a design challenge that represent customer order status screen. The screen is imagined to be used by a customer service representative to… Continue reading

QuantDesk Mockups

I create mockups for Lucena’s investment decision support engine, QuantDesk. QuantDesk is a browser based tool that predicts future stock prices based on historical patterns. Tools Used Adobe Illustrator

HTML/CSS Content

  Another of my responsibilities at Lucena Research is to create HTML/CSS content for online weekly reports, newsletters and pubic announcements. Some of these contents are stand alone web pages and others are… Continue reading

Visual Designs

One of my responsibilities at Lucena Research is to create visual designs. I have created brochures, banners, icons, presentation media and process diagrams. Tools Used Adobe Illustrator

Do Something

For Visual Culture and Design class, our goal was to create an app about the “Flu”. I decided to create an app to encourage people  to do something productive while they were sick… Continue reading

Redesign of A Nutrition Label

For Visual Culture and Design class, we redesigned our choosing of a nutrition label. I choose Starbucks coffee’s nutrition label. Currently unless you ask your barista or search Starbucks’ website for the nutritional… Continue reading

Social Potluck

  This was a group project about creating  any kind of technology related to “Food”. When we did our initial brainstorming, we started focusing on how we generally organize potlucks and what are… Continue reading

Accessible Surveys

  This project was one of the sub-projects for a non-profit organization that aimed to make Math and Science more accessible to visually impaired students using assistive technology.  One of the first steps to… Continue reading

Listen to The Room

  This was a group project for Assistive Technology class.  Our object was to identify a group of users whom assistive technology could be beneficial in some way. Perform a needs analysis, design… Continue reading